Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Idea? ....then 'all are welcome'...!!!

Once upon a time, when idea just meant idea , life for folks in advertising was much more simpler...Now when idea is not JUST idea but IDEA life has gone a bit tough for sure..

The MNP (mobile number portability) advertising brouhaha that Idea has launched with its “ No idea?,…then get idea” campaign and the Vodafone response(?) with the “All are welcome” ad is the point of discussion today……

Vodafone ads always meant class and this time as well they lead in class and style.. Simple stuff, inviting everyone, PLUS the pug making a come back…. I am sure there are many people who would any day love to sit and watch this one than the Small B cheekily asking people to get IDEA if they have NO idea why their existing network is not good….. Having said all that one should also state that it wouldn’t be sufficient enough reason for people to stick on or change to Vodafone…

Idea and Lowe should however be given the credit ( for pioneering, for being mischievous and funny , for this IDEA and idea linking up, and for making the whole MNP important ) 

Its campaign of four ads highlighted :-

  1. Idea’s strong network connectivity even inside lifts and buildings;
  2. Customized tariff plans to ensure affordable mobile communication;
  3. Transparent balance notification ( which again is questionable , but then,,,,,)  
  4. Available and gentle customer care where one doesn’t need to wait for long to talk to an agent
I would be glad to get one person to disagree with me if I say that each one of the above point shows the worries of mobile consumers in India….hence the request to Switch to Idea is completely cool and hitting them there, right at the spot…!!!

See one here and the rest there

Before the national launch of MNP service on January 20th (tomorrow that is) another series of Idea ads (launching a Toll Free Number 1800-270-0000) are on air to guide the multitudes of mobile subscribers on various aspects of number portability…. …

Again the first mover advantage is guaranteed and sure shot this direct action ad, as per some industry sources is again making waves…

Vodafone on the other hand wants people to join them for what they are and not for what some one else is not... Now it is a good idea by IDEA to compare and contrast but too much of it can be giving annoyance to the TG .In case of idea the 4 ads and the constant bombardment of them on the TG (also from the  micro site makes people squirm in discomfort, when we do not have an IDEA connection..Vodafone scores for being positive but is that enough?

It is still debatable whether the MNP will change the backdrop of the industry. My humble reading is that there will be noticeable churning in the beginning but with time it will wane and die down...The players seems to have realized this... grab the cream as much and as soon as possible seems to the mantra ..One thing is sure- the customer may get better service centers and better service, now that this is a reality that -if I am happy only I stay with you, if else… Hmmmm !!!

Now to end this,I am amused that other major players are silent……. Airtel, Reliance and the likes….

Is it that they are happy with what they have?
Is it that they don’t have space for OTHERS? Others are UNWELCOME?

Tail piece:-  

When you’re right, very few remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets.

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